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Tools - Still life´s light painting series

Tools - Still life light painting series
Hello world!!.
most of my audience is spanish spoken, but there´re some followers from many different countries, so this week I'll write my post in english. It's a good practice for my next holidays....

Let's talk about today's picture.

Just a tool's workbench, isn't it?. what's the magic with that?.
Well, when i made that shot, the garage was completely surrounded by darkness.
Only a little torch on my hand, camera on tripod, shutter opened and side light painting, moving torch in circles to achieve that smooth shadows. If you see it full size you'll discover plenty of details, textures, and mood, special mood.
That technique (light painting) it's great for still life. You know, photography it's all about light, and the right amount and direction of light can transform an ordinary subject - as those old tools - in something different, special, cool.
This week I'll show you some samples I made on a workshop using this technique, working on different common objects: lamps, machinery, tools.

That's another way of composing still life creations, far away from fruits, bottles and flowers.

For me, the most important challenge to reach this kind of photographs it's to arrange all that stuff in an attractive way, and it's a hard work!!!. I must study a lot of theory on composition's rules, and also light's physics, but , meanwhile, i'm enjoying walking the path.

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