miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Switzerland - Cofee break in Luzern

Switzerland -  Cofee break in Luzern After the break (did you see my last car shot?), it's time to continue my switzerland series.
A friend of mine (erubicón on flickr) told me before my trip - "hey man, switzerland it's a fucking postcard all way round. Every single view it's like a tourist reclaim, but, I hope you'll bring back some photographs in a different mood. Try to avoid the easy frames and search for an impressive point of view, the dark side of the cities, people's way of live, common scenes, emotions, hidden messages....
Well, he was right, the whole country it's a big postcard, but during the week I managed to take some switzerland citizens on their own, and I liked it.
Hope to reach my friend's expectatives...

Oh, that shot it's on Luzern's riverside, with the girl reading the local newspaper "Neue Luzerner Zeitung".

Introducing you to that beautiful town, I start my next swiss series: Suiza - Pueblos con encanto -

Whish you'll like it. Keep following my photostream!!!
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