domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Those f***cking distorted lines that drives me crazy.

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I know the basic guidelines for a good architectural indoor photography; put the lens parallel to the back wall, don't tilt the camera, move it to a "medium level" position, and probably you¡ll get vertical and horizontal lines.
But that's theory, and when you move into real world, things usually changes a lot.
On that basement`s livingroom, my best pov it's the one you see here: I wanna show chimmey's front, the near big wood's table, and kitchen and windows on the back.
From that pov, as you can see, only the far corner it's vertical, the rest of the scene it's completely distorted. Look at that "circle" plate. OMG!!!.
Any advise from all you pro pfre colleagues out there?
Should I buy Hargis's book to challenge with this?

9 exposures at 1ev steps (geared on magic lantern firmware on my Canon EOS50D, iso100, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 at 11mm, f5.6, blended with enfuse, levels, contrast, etc on ps.

Sotano corregido, es cuestión de dejarse los cuernos, jaja Thanks to the kindly help from [], my last, distorted shot of this basement livingroom it's almost corrected using the skew tool on ps. Good lesson learned, thank you very much, mositophoto, i really appreciate your help. Anyway, next time i'll do my best to avoid those distortions based on all the tips that i've received from real estate photographers. Thanks everybody, it's wonderful to have such a rich feedback from you all. Copyright © 2012 Pedro Ferrer. All Rights Reserved. Todos los derechos reservados.

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