jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Quiero hacer más apartamentos como éste

Quiero hacer más apartamentos como éste Canon EOS50D + Tokina 11-16 f2,8.
Nine bracketed exposures using magic lantern firmware, +1 shot YN460 bounced off ceiling, blended with enfuse, hard distortion correction on verticals, and final adjustments on CS5.

I really felt in love with this apartment. It's not big, but it's pretty well designed, and beautifully decorated. With not so many furniture, great use of colour, luminous, full in little details. That's the kind of space i enjoy shooting. I was very satisfied about that photoshoot, but, you know, the owner argue about the ceilings. From her point of view, I included more ceiling than the necessary, cause she doesn't likes sloping ceilings....
For me, this sloping ceiling it's the main design concept that makes this appartment different, and that reason drove me to give the ceiling more space on the frame.
But, learning step by step, next time i will ask the owner wich aspects should be hidden o showed. Por fin una cocina bonita!!!! I was very happy to find this attractive kitchen on one of my last listings. I really love this small table. Wood, marble, white, and a window with a view. Lovely place to shoot. About the results.... I'm pretty satisfied with. ¿What do you think? Cuando interviene un decorador... se nota Usually final result it's more impressive with all lights on, but, for next time, I will avoid switch off the ones from the ceiling. This circle shape of light it's very distracting, i'm dissapointed about that, and it's so dificult for me to clone it out on post. Entre puertas know, i know, windows blown out, doors included on the frame, a little warm color cast. view point higher than desire. I can't do it better to show the whole apartment. Anything else i should notice?

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